Digging the Past, Inc. (DIG) is an American 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by Matthew Larcinese and centered in the ancient city of Rome, Italy, with locations in Abruzzo, Italy and Detroit, Michigan USA. For the past 15 years, DIG has directed specific projects with the sole purpose of preserving, restoring and recovering history throughout Europe and the United States. The unearthing of such history is accomplished with, but not limited to, the digitization of rare documents, the preservation and restoration of special collections, and seeking sponsors and donors for archaeological and historically significant collections and sites. Our scope is diverse and expanding to include programs in other regions of Italy, as well as Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Ireland, and England. 

In addition to on-site archival research, historical recovery and preservation of church antiquities in Europe, DIG has commenced the Abruzzo Judaica and  Val Di Sangro Research and Archaeology Project, which involves collecting Y-DNA samples of the male residents in small Abruzzese towns in Central Italy. Using ancient documents, onsite analysis, archaeology, and now Y-DNA, our goal is to uncover, rediscover and pinpoint hidden cultures such as Greek, Arab, and Jewish, who may have settled and influenced these areas. Now in its second year, the work has gained traction and importance in all aspects.


Research, Prosopography, and Curating

Published in the International Journal of Jewish Geneology

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