In 2020 DIG will be onsite researching heritage and family history  the following areas:

             Virginia, Montana, Italy, England, and Ireland


If you would like us to help you with your family research in these or nearby areas, please contact us at the link below.  

Current Ancestry Research

Mann Family Research 1200-2020, England and the USA

Richard and Sarah Mann document. Canterbury Cathedral Archives.  Photo by Matthew Larcinese

Mann family of Kent, England, Scituate, MA.  and Schooley 's Mountain, NJ. 

13th to 21st Century.

Big Y, Y-DNA haplogroup:  R1a-L664  if you have the surname Man or Mann with this haplogroup please contact me.  

Photo of William Man(n) of Canterbury from the National Archives London. Photo by Matthew Larcinese 

Melton Family Research 1630-2020, England and the USA

1679, William Melton, Gravesend, Kent immigration to Virginia Colony.

William Melton settled in Albemarle, Virginia in the late 17th early 18th century.  Perhaps from Thomas Melton 

Big Y haplogroup BY62994 If you have the Melton surname and this haplogroup please contact me.

One of many Milton and Melton lineage immigrating to the colonies in this period. 

Photo by Matthew Larcinese 

Goldman Family Research 1880-2020, USA


Goldman of Detroit, MI.  This family immigrated and settled in Detroit and Port Huron Michigan-- prolific in the steel scrap business. 

Pilat Family Research 1690-2020, Poland and the USA

18 century document, Pilat, Lublin, Poland.

Pilat family from Lublin, Poland. The Y-DNA has confirmed this is a Western Slavic branch.  The family who immigrated to the USA in the early 20th century has been connected to the lineage still thriving in Lublin. 

Abruzzo Families 1351-2020, Italy, USA and Worldwide

1351 Guardiagrele document, Orsini Archives, UCLA.

The Y-DNA research has created the need to conduct extensive research on the family histories in Gessopalena.  Here at DIG, we not only have researched over 15 names back to the early to mid13th and 16th centuries,.we have been able to decipher the earliest hamlets and areas where each family lived along with their surname origins

North American European Family Research

Torricella Peligna, Abruzzo, Italy.  Photo by Matthew Larcinese

Archival research is still  DIG's primary focus for ancestral research.  These documents are recovered from their primary sources (no internet or books) and analyzed.  DIG uses Y-DNA analysis to help pinpoint and in some cases breakthrough research barriers to create a museum quality family history with demonstrated archival and scientific  substantiation.

Current Archive and DNA Research Projects

Current Y-DNA Surname Study:

Mann (Man)-- Big Y, Pack Test, Y-37, Family Finder  (Kent, England)

Mann-- Y-12, (Australia originally of Norfolk, England)

Mann-(Y37)  USA
McCaffrey/Maguire-- Y-37 (Fermanagh, Ireland) 

Melton (Big Y)  Virginia, USA
Keremedjian (Kiramidjian/Kiremitzian)-- Y-37, Family Finder (Yozgat, Turkey)
Skrzatek--  Y-37, Pack Test, Y-67, MtDNA, Family Finder, Big Y (Krakow, Poland)

Skrzatek (R198) Poland
Goldman-- Y-37, Y-67, Family Finder  (Russian Jewish)

Syrvydas (Sirvidas)-- MtDNA (Lithuania)
Karikas  (Kerekes, Karikis)-- Y-37, Family Finder, pack tests (Hungary Tatar)
Trefzger (Trefsker)-- MtDNA (Hungary, Wehr, Germany)

Gulukian (Gulugian)--MtDNA (Armenia)

Keyshian (Family Finder)
Melton (Milton, Mylton)-- Y-37, Y111, Big Y, Yfull (England)
Arcioni--Y-37 (Como, Italy)
Arzoni--Y-37 (Netherlands)

Arcioni-- Y-37 (Poggiodomo, Perugia, Italy)

Mieszkowski/Meskauskas-- Y-37, Family Finder, Pack Test, SNP test (Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine)

Pilat-- Y 37, pack test, (Lublin, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus)

Anastasia Supernova-- Family Finder (Ukraine)

Additional Y-DNA tests in the Abruzzo Judaica Project are not listed under the above program. 

Church archives

Church archives

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